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What is General Liability Insurance?


General Liability insurance (also known as Commercial General Liability, Business Liability or Owners, Lessors and Tenants insurance) is one of the most basic types of business insurance available.  Premiums vary based on specific needs as they relate to the work you do and your location. The experts at Eichberg Associates will work with you to determine the level of coverage needed to protect you, your employees, clients and your business.


What Types of Protection Does This Policy Provide?

-Whether a client is visiting you worksite, or you or an employee is visiting a client’s worksite,

 your business will be protected against any injuries or accidents, whether your fault or not, that

 may happen.

-Your business will be protected against claims of libel, slander, false and misleading advertising

 or copyright infringement.

-Your business will be protected against real or fraudulent claims of negligence or wrongdoing.

-As a tenant your business will be protected against damage accidentally caused to property or

 equipment by you or your employees.


What damages are covered by General Liability insurance?


-Legal obligations such as medical costs due to injuries

-Attorney fees and settlements

-Other damages you are legally responsible for


Who Needs General Liability Insurance?

-All businesses, including small businesses run from home.

-Business wherein you or your employees visit a client’s place of business.

-Businesses wherein clients, customers or vendors visit your business.

-Businesses that have access to and/or use a client’s equipment such as computers, servers,

 printers, etc.

-Business that visit third-party locations for any business related activities.

-Your business is entering into a contract where proof of General Liability Insurance is a

 requirement (which is common).


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