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Employee Benefits and Healthcare Reform Expert    

Group Insurance Products

Aggressive rate pricing and comprehensive analysis of employee benefit plans.  

We cater to the unique needs of each individual client, no matter how simple or complex their issues might be, and no matter how small or large their group of employees is.  For our smaller clients we often act in lieu of a dedicated HR manager and/or CFO, and for our larger clients we are an extension these expert functions.  Regardless of the client size or circumstance, we are committed to helping all clients stay abreast of market trends, risk and government compliance issues which change dramatically as their business grows or downsizes.  


Annual client face-to-face meeting and plan reviews.

Realizing healthcare is an ever-changing landscape, in addition to employers need to make changes to staff, etc., we will meet with clients whenever necessary (and at least once annually) to insure that their employee benefit plan is still meeting their current needs.

Ongoing plan education and assistance for group members.


We provide either on or off site training and assistance for our client's employees to help them navigate the sometimes extensive and complex employee benefit plans their employers offer.

Expert guidance on the Affordable Care Act and Healthcare Reform.

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) imposes many new regulations and responsibilities on business owners. The biggest risk to these business owners is not being fully being aware of the impact of the ACA on their business. The experts at Eichberg Associates are continually educating themselves and staying abreast of industry trends and regulations with respect to healthcare reform, and more specifically the ACA.  We will help you to understand what subsidies and/or exemptions and credits you may qualify for with respect to your group plan, as well as avoid costly penalties.

Large Group - 500+

Middle Market - 51-500

Small Group - 6-50

Micro Group - 2-5 

-Wide variety of plan specialties and flexibility.

-Prime candidates for partially self-funded benefits.

-Eligible for many different plans and products.

-Optimal size for professional broker representation in securing

  most aggressive rate.

-Good candidates for self-funded ancillary (dental and vision)

-Excellent bargaining power as group size increases

-All groups under 50 subject to variance of 10% greater or less

than the base rate under the Assembly Bill of 1672.

-While limited options are available at this size, Eichberg

 Associates can help you select the best plan for your


-Qualifying groups are eligible for "guarantee-issue" coverage

-To qualify group must consist of owner-officer and one or  

 more salaried employee.



Executive/Key-man life insurance and/or disability planning

Retirement Benefits

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