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Frequently Asked Questions

What is long-term care insurance?

Long-term care (LTC) policies pay a benefit to the insured in order to assist with the activities of daily life.  Long-term care covers a wide array of services that fall under two general categories - skilled care and personal care. Skilled care is provided when recovering from an illness or an injury. Personal care helps maintain the daily activities and functions of life. Long-term care is usually not medical care and generally does not require a doctor or a nurse.


Why do I need long-term care insurance?

With today's ever-increasing costs, even a fairly large estate can be drained quickly by long-term care expenses. If you have assets or income you want to protect from the high-cost of long-term care, you should consider LTC insurance.  Here are some other reasons to consider LTC insurance:






Home Health Care

Assisted Living Care

Nursing Home Care

Skilled Care

Personal Care



Coverage solutions to guard your assets and not drain your estate during your golden years:

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Health and Wellness

-You are not willing to spend down your assets to qualify for Medicaid

-You do not wish to burden emotionally or financially those closest to you

-You want to be able to choose the care facilities that meet your needs

-You want to avoid welfare and government controlling your care

-Peace of mind knowing you and your family have the resources for LTC services


What services are covered?

Initially LTC insurance covered only nursing home care.  But now there are many LTC alternatives and insurers emphasize in-home care and support of caregivers.  Some policies cover:


-Institutional Care:  Nursing home, assisted living services residential care facility, hospice care,    

  adult foster home, respite care and more

-Home Care:  Home health care, adult day care, personal care, homemaker services, hospice

  care, respite care and more


Does health care or disability insurance pay for long-term care?

You may be assuming your health care insurance covers LTC costs. Most often this is not the case. Consult your health care plan to find out your coverage related to long-term care. Disability income insurance is not designed to pay for LTC. Disability income insurance is designed to replace part of your income while you are actively employed and coverage ends at age 65 or upon retirement.


What about Medicare and Medicaid?

Usually Medicare covers only skilled care and only after you have been in the hospital for three days and then generally covers a maximum of 90 days.  Most often it does not cover personal care or home care services. Do not count on Medicare to pay for extended LTC services as it was not designed for that.  Medicaid is designed to pay for LTC services only for the very poor. In order to qualify you must spend down your savings and assets to meet your state's poverty guidelines. If you have assets to protect, Medicaid is not an option for your LTC planning.


Who may need long-term care?

If you think you are too young and that LTC is an issue confronting just senior citizens, think again. You may need LTC at any age if you develop an illness, a disabling disease or have a serious accident.. Also, while it is good news that Americans are living longer than ever, the need for LTC increases the longer you live. The reality is that many Americans now are outliving their finances.


What is the next step?  Where do I begin?

Long-term care is an important and complex issue, so professional guidance is prudent. A good starting point is having a discussion with your family or friends about the potential costs and the likelihood of requiring long-term care (about 1 in 2 for a woman and 1 in 3 for a man). Then contact one of our Long-Term Care Specialists at Eichberg Associates to provide more details, answer your questions and explain the options available to you.

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