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Plan F vs. G

Many seniors and/or consumers come to us asking the most questions about Medicare Supplement plans F and G.   They are without a doubt the two most popular Supplement plans available, namely because one plan (Plan F) offers nearly 100 percent coverage and is knick named the “Medicare excess charge” plan because it covers costs that are in excess of the Medicare-approved amounts.  This plan will provide you with as close to zero out-of-pocket costs as possible for hospital and doctor’s office care, thus, the plan pays 100% of any excess charges Medicare does not cover.  It’s important to note that this plan allows providers to charge only 15% over Medicare limits.  There are low premium/high deductible plans available with Plan F with the average deductible being around $2,000.


The other plan (Plan G) offers a very affordable plan, but is also popular because it covers high-risk situations not covered by Medicare such as hospitalization coverage extension, hospital co-insurance, and skilled nursing co-insurance and hospital care.  The plan has a small deductible and its coverage is very good.


Examining these plans side by side:

 • Plan G premiums are less than Plan F

 • Plan F covers 100% of excess charges, Plan G covers 80%

 • Plan F covers the Part B deducible which is around $150; Plan G does not

    cover this charge


We believe the best way to determine which plan is right for you is to base your estimated out of pocket costs compared to the premiums you will pay for either plan.  Premiums are based on geographical area and other factors therefore it is best to have an expert at Eichberg Associates help you compare these two plans and show you where you will save most.

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