What Our Clients Say About Us

We feel the quality of our work and commitment to our client’s success is reflected in the many testimonials we receive.  Please take a moment to review these letters of satisfaction below.

Angelina Caruso
Treasurer at Mideb Nominees, Inc.

Peggy has been helping us with our health insurance group plan for over 14 years. We are not a large company, yet she still goes the extra mile for us each and every year. She spends countless hours researching every possibility to ensure that each of our employees finds the best fitting coverage within the plans offered. She is extremely knowledgeable and patient. She has educated me on many of the complicated aspects of the health insurance industry. I would recommend her, without hesitation, to anyone who is searching for a compassionate and professional health insurance expert.

Ed Beetschen
Chief Operating Officer, Smith-Cooper International, LLC

Over the past 15+ years, our firm, Smith-Cooper Int’l, has had the privilege of working side-by-side with Peggy as she creatively, effectively and efficiently managed our Group Health Insurance plan for, what became over 200 employees in several states. This oversight by Peggy included our Group Medical, Dental, LTD, STD and Executive Reimbursement Plans. Peggy’s careful understanding of the Company’s goals and expectations as it relates to employee health care coverage was critical in allowing her to build a successful package each year. It is unfortunate that due to a recent sale of the Company, we have lost Peggy’s services, and more importantly, her presence as a member of our SCI family. I would strongly recommend Peggy Brady to any firm wishing to add to their bottom line through an innovative and thoughtful approach to managing comprehensive Employee and Executive benefit plans.

Whitney Smith
Regional Human Resources Manager at Urban Science

I had the pleasure of working with Peggy Brady during my 3.5 years at Smith-Cooper International. Peggy was the broker for all of our Company’s benefits and quickly became my mentor and coach to help me understand the vast intricacies of our insurance plans. Peggy not only spent countless hours training me, but she also tackled any question that came from our 200+ staff with enthusiasm. She was incredibly diligent, thorough and extremely quick in providing a response. When Smith-Cooper went through acquiring a new Company based in Chicago in 2008, Peggy accompanied me to the headquarters to ensure the transition of benefits went very smoothly. I continue to seek Peggy out for advice on multiple insurance items, even though she no longer works with my Company. I have yet to work with another broker who is as dedicated and educated as Peggy. She recieves my highest recommendation and would be an asset to anyone who is fortunate enough to work with her

Michele Scott
Owner, Troll Systems Corporation

I have personally known Peggy Brady for eight years. She has served as Troll Systems’ employee benefits broker since 2004, sourcing and managing our employee benefit plans.

Peggy is the most dedicated and hard-working broker you will find, hands-down. She is dependable, efficient, and conscientious, and she truly takes pride in her work. Not only does she ensure that only the highest level of customer service is provided by her and her team, she frequently goes above and beyond her normal duties to help with even the smallest details or requests. It may be late Friday evening and she will respond to an urgent question or request without batting an eyelash; she knows it is important to you, so she takes the time out of her busy schedule to respond quickly and efficiently. Peggy provides that elite level of customer service that is so hard to find.

In addition, Peggy is extremely knowledgeable in her field, and has a knack for explaining even the most confusing, convoluted insurance regulations or issues in a way that makes sense to those of us who have difficulty making sense such things. She really is that good.

If you are looking for the most awesome broker you can find, contact Peggy Brady. You will not be disappointed, and I can’t recommend her enough.

Nancy Kligerman
Vice President, SCS Flooring Systems

It’s been a pleasure working with you on our health insurance needs for the past several years.  You clearly have a passion for your customers and are good partners. I appreciate your openness and respectful manner, your responsiveness, attention to detail, and efficient use of time. You made things better, throughout.  I commend your commitment to personal excellence. You were accountable and committed to us, and I appreciate that very much.  Please feel free to list me as a reference; I’ll highly recommend YOL! to any company considering using your services.

Dear Peggy, At Training Systems Design, we are celebrating our “sweet 16”. As part of our celebration we are looking back at those who helped us get here and you and Eichberg Associates are top of the list! Your commitment to finding the best insurance solutions for our company and our employees is second to none. In my career I’ve held significant leadership and human resource management positions in much larger companies (6,000 employees). Yet, I’ve never experienced the level of partnership and support that we receive from you and your team, on an ongoing basis.

Each year you look to ensure that our insurance providers and plans best fit our financial and employee benefit goals. You present a thorough analysis of all our options, in truth I’m amazed at the amount of research you do for our small business. Throughout the year, whenever needs or questions arise, you and your team are quickly responsive, advocate for our employees if provider issues arise and provide clear explanations when needed.

Beyond employee benefits, we appreciate the support you’ve provided for all of our other insurance needs, making sure we are protected where needed.

Thanks again Peggy for helping us achieve our business goals!

Beth Dubowe‐Lawrence
Executive Vice President, Managing Partner, Training Systems Design